Support Our Police Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides financial support to members of our law enforcement. Our goal is to offer both financial and moral support to the men and women of police departments throughout the United States. 

Words From The Founder:

Why support our Police not our criminals?

Do we want to live in a law and order society or one ran by the criminals? Look at Chicago, over 762 murders in 2016, Detroit 302, New Orleans 175 or Saint Louis 188. Saint Louis was named the murder capital of the America, when you look at these numbers keep in mind the populations.

What got me started thinking about the need for a Police support society is the high profile the anti-Police groups are getting, I for one want the criminals off the street and I want the Police to be able to do their job. If a criminal get shot once in a while trying to avoid arrest, fighting a Police officer or fleeing a police officer so be it. I do not want them free to attack me or my loved ones.

When a criminal steals my stuff they have stolen hours of my life, I work hard to earn the money to purchase my stuff.
Look at Police Killings in 2016, only 1159 nationwide compared to 1427 people killed by criminals in just 4 cities. When you look at all the crime this is not a very high number, our Police use a lot of restraint in my opinion.

Let’s look at some individual situations that have got a lot of media in the last couple of years:

Michael Brown, the “gentle giant” by the media, was a criminal. He had just robbed the convenience store, He was attacking the Police officer. All the hype “hands up don’t shoot” was all a lie. The media jumps on this. Do they want a lawless society? The media keeps pushing us toward a socialist society. If you think this is good look at the crime in different parts of South America. Do we really want the criminals running the streets? Do we want the Police to protect us?

If Walter Scott had not ran he would still be alive. Do we really expect our Police officers to run the criminals down while wearing 40+ pounds of gear while the criminal is running in street clothes and running shoes? The media hypes this, we as tax payers pay out millions to the family of the criminals even though the shooting was justified because of the media being on the side of the criminal instead of our protectors, The Police officer.

Freddie Gray was slamming himself around in the police van so he could claim the police had beaten him. Why don’t we hear that part of the story?

Jamar Clark was resisting arrest and tried to take one of the officer’s guns. If our officers can’t protect themselves from the criminals how can we expect them to do their jobs. 

– John Lay, Founder
Support Our Police Foundation, Inc.

We are currently building our program and welcome both your support and your comments and suggestions. Please contact us if you personally know of a member of your police department that needs assistance or if you know of an event or organization that needs a partnership. 

We look forward to building a nationwide community of supporters for our police men and women. 

Thank you for your interest in the Support Our Police Foundation!

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